S/4 HANA Active Archiving with ArchiveHub Sidecar

S/4 HANA Active Archiving with ArchiveHub Sidecar

ArchiveHub Sidecar – Let’s face it. The new S/4 HANA has been around for seven years now. Many customers are adopting it now. Some customers who have adopted Brownfield approaches are now facing data growth in the S/4 HANA system in recent times.

Early adopters are now facing colossal data volume growth and adding another 4TB – 6TB of In-memory causes enormous budgets. 

Is archiving a viable solution to control the Data Volume Growth?

Let’s dive into the current limitations of S/4 HANA when you archive them.

1)   Fiori Apps that use the OData service to access S/4HANA data do not select archived data since normal OData services are not meant to do so.
2)   The archived data from S/4HANA is not automatically displayed in Analysis for Office (A4O) reports.
3)   Any reports that are built on the ACDOCA table need to ensure that they consider the document status and the total balancing lines created during the archival process.
4)   Archived data is not considered in the standard reconciliation report in a central financing system where more than one data source is involved.
5)   S/4 HANA has a 2 billion rows limitation to the number of records per table per partition. This means multiple partitions need to be created per table when 2 billion records count is reached. This means depending on the type of partition created, a system and hence business downtime is required to complete the partition process. This also means when you load the indexes back to the S/4 system from Archive files for reporting purposes (in some cases full load is needed) we face this additional 2 billion records loading back again into S/4HANA.
6)   Business users are not convinced with the reporting experience of archived data.

So, is there a way out of this scenario?
Thanks to Archive Hub Sidecar. Without any changes to the S/4HANA archiving process, the archived data is sent to Sidecar where 100+ Fiori-like reports are available out of the box to read the archived data.

ArchiveHub.io Sidecar is a stand-alone system that facilitates the reporting capability of the archived data with Fiori experience. This includes a no-code Ad-hoc report builder for archived data.

2 Billion rows per table per partition limit is overcome as the Sidecar removed this records count limitation per table altogether.

The load of the archived data from S/4HANA to ArchiveHub Sidecar supports full load as well as delta load.

The SAP ILM and OpenText document center or any content server investments are complimented with this implementation.

S/4 HANA Data volume growth now has a business user-friendly solution.

Did you face similar Data volume growth in your HANA environment?
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