Legacy SAP Application Modernization? or Decommissioning?

Legacy sap application modernization or decommissioning

Legacy sap application modernization or decommissioning – Are you a CIO or an Enterprise Architect struggling to move the legacy Applications in your landscape to the cloud or in dilemma over recurring maintenance and infrastructure costs of legacy Applications in their landscape?

The complexity of the legacy applications, lack of SMEs, legal compliance of data retention and loss of user experience are some of the reasons why CIOs delay modernizing or decommissioning legacy applications (non-production systems with historical data).

Why would anyone invest more money than they currently burn to maintain the legacy systems to modernize them or decommission them?

What if someone can show you that, you can do all the above within the current budget that you have allocated to keep them running.

Move them to the cloud with a huge reduction in maintenance costs to your favorite public or private cloud or SaaS model so you can keep your focus on solving your most important business problems.

Above all, these application users get to experience the modernized user experience that they deserve.

Enter ArchiveHub.io…. your legacy applications costs are reduced, modernized as well as costs made predictable going forward as well as the data is accessible easily.

Be it any Legacy sap application modernization or decommissioning from SAP 3.01, SAP 4.6c systems to ECC as well as Non-SAP system, we move it to cloud in days and not months with all the benefits mentioned above with Fiori-like experience.

If you are also on the journey to move to S/4HANA, this further accelerates your move with the Greenfield approach than Brownfield.

What were your challenges with legacy systems?

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