ArchiveHub on SAP BTP

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Flexible Deployment Options

ArchiveHub supports various deployment options based on customer scenarios.

SAP BTP Deployment
On-Premise Deployment
Hybrid Cloud Deployment
Serverless Deployment

Hollywood hype would have us believe that a hypnotist can control and direct our actions, and

Built in applications makes legacy data access at transaction and report level

Transaction Access

Business user have have same user experience of transactions level data

Document Browser

Content server documents can be browsed independently and search with any references

AdHoc Query

Ultimate Ad-Hoc Query features allows the users to create own query for reporting and analytics with no code

Table Browser

Table data browser allow to query on all extracted tables data

Role-based Access

Decommissioned data access with roles and authorization to individual business users

Legal Hold

Customer can define legal hold for the data retention based legal proceedings

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